Tamarack Junction

History of the Tamarack Junction

The original Tamarack was just a little log cabin with a bar and grill. It was built on 13 acres across the street from the V&T railroad that is now S. Virginia St. The partners of Tamarack Crossing bought the property in December of 1999 in order to build a large casino. The grand opening was on September 4, 2001. The partners decided to name it the Tamarack Junction after the log cabin it got its land from and gave it a railway theme after the V&T railroad that crossed the same path that our customers use to come to the Tamarack. It opened with only 180 slots, one restaurant, and a bar.

After about two years, they decided to expand and began planning Phase 2. Construction began in February 2004 and the casino was finished in September of the same year. There are now over 480 slots and three restaurants: The Dining Car, Sully’s Sports Bar & Grill, and the Tamarack Junction Steak House and Lounge. We continue to strive for excellent customer service, delicious cuisine, and a friendly atmosphere, just as we have since our foundation.